A Side To Me You've Never Seen Before: by Ryan Buell

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(Chad Calek and Ryan Buell, June 2009, captured sharing a moment of reflection in Persia, Iowa)

My friends, I ask that you take the time to read this letter in its entirety.  This is about one of the most important projects I have ever done in my life, and regardless of whether or not you decide to check it out, I want to share this story with you, because it comes from the heart and it’s time to say these words.

You may have heard that Chad Calek and I made a movie called AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER.  Some of you may have seen it.  If you have, please continue to read.  In 2009, we set out to create the most honest, raw and powerful paranormal movie the world has ever seen.  And we did just that.  There was no set up.  We lived day to day, not knowing what would happen next.  This movie is about a family torn apart by the paranormal.  Chad’s family.  Chad’s mother, father and brother.  And as Chad’s friend, I came along to try to help him find answers.  In order to keep this 100% in our control, we turned down networks and studios and I personally drained my bank account to finance this film.  The entire crew worked for nothing.  We did this because we believed in what we were doing.

We wanted to make a movie that would speak to anyone whose life has ever been affected and changed after experiencing the paranormal.

We wanted to make a movie for anyone who has ever so desperately wanted to understand the paranormal.

We wanted to make a movie from the heart.

We wanted to make a film that would make you proud.

We wanted to make a film that would reward your faith in us and applaud our bravery to try to do something that has never been done before.

We put complete honesty on the screen.  There are moments in the film that, even now, I can’t bear to watch because of the pain I experienced.  And the pain Chad experienced.  You see it on every frame.  You see the terror.  You see what’s at stake with this family, a real family.  A family no different than your own.

I should also let you know that this film also shows a side of me that “Paranormal State” was never able to capture due to time constraints and TV limitations. It shows my failures.  It shows my weaknesses.  And I open up about my experiences as a child, because at that moment when Chad asked me why, after years of friendship and him opening up his experiences to me, I realized that I was a coward and my experiences were controlling my life.  It was time to open up.  And I did.  It was the most vulnerable moment of my life, caught on film.  I didn’t open up about my experiences in a tell-all book; nor have I sold any TV movie rights about my childhood experiences.  But it’s here.  I finally opened up in a subtle way because here was Chad, my friend, asking me to help his family.  And his family had the courage to be more honest than any other family on “Paranormal State” (and that’s not a statement I would make lightly, nor is that a disrespect to any of my beloved clients.  But when you see this movie, you will understand).  And here I was, still hiding my experiences.  And at that moment, how could I expect Chad to trust my advice when he didn’t even know anything about my own experiences?  After all, my experiences have, unfortunately, defined my life for the past 21 years.  It’s there, in the movie, even though while I was sharing my experiences, I wasn’t even thinking about the cameras.  And that happened a lot during the filming of this movie.  Things were so intense that I can safely say that we didn’t just make a movie, we LIVED it.

Chad’s family put everything out there, because they wanted answers.  What you will see is horrifying.  And on top of seeking answers, they wanted this activity to stop.  For 3 long weeks we traveled across Iowa, trying to solve the mystery as to why Chad and his family have been tormented and haunted by this unseen force.

This movie is about those 3 weeks where our lives were literally changed forever.  I wouldn’t waste your time with bold statements like that if I couldn’t back it up.  Watch the film.  And you’ll see why things were forever changed.  And when you’re done, watch the bonus footage, the new interviews, the “making of” feature, the deleted scenes.  Afterwards, I have no doubt that you will agree that you just witnessed and experienced the most powerful and moving paranormal film of all time.

This film is about being touched by the other side and trying to grasp and make sense of it, while at the same time, learning to let go.  It will make you laugh, cry and think.  This isn’t a movie.  It is an experience.  You will live it.  You will believe it.

Chad and I have finally decided to release the movie on DVD.  Once again, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to do this independently.  Because we believe in our fans.  And we want to show the world and the industry that a real and honest paranormal documentary can thrive and succeed.  Doing it this way allowed us to make this film for YOU.  And buying a copy of this DVD allows us to make future films for YOU.

The first 500 people who order the DVD will receive a special thank-you bonus and it will be autographed by Chad and myself.  The DVD includes a TON of never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes featurette’s, new interviews, deleted scenes, a photo book and much, much more!  The success of this DVD will mean we can do more films for you.  We’ve come this far; we don’t want to just sell it off.  We believe in you, because we believe you want to see a real, raw and powerful paranormal film without cheesy edits or sound effects.  We believe you want the truth.  Not only will you get to own a copy of an amazing movie with so many extra’s, but you will be helping us keep independent filmmaking alive, and like I said, your purchase will allow us to make new films.  The sky is the limit.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see a new movie with yours truly and Chad Calek every other year?  Please check out the website, watch the trailer, and consider reserving your DVD today.  Again, the first 500 buyers will have theirs autographed.  The DVD will be shipped out on September 18th.  There are also additional surprises in store for those who purchase their copy of the DVD.

If you enjoyed “Paranormal State,” then I promise you, “American Ghost Hunter” will change your life.  It changed mine.  When you watch it, you will see why.

With all my love and respect,




“An AMAZING documentary.” Spencer Hughes (FOX NEWS)

“The most honest and moving documentary I’ve ever seen.” Robb Demarest (SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International)

“A great film. Convincing.  I want to see this again.” Legendary filmmaker FRANK MILLER (creator of “300,” “Sin City,” and the upcoming “300” sequel; author of “Batman: The Dark Knight”)


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