Apocalyptic 2012

Article by: Chris Edwards

At the recent Field Trip #13: Return to Gettysburg event, PRS hosted a panel discussion on the 2012 predictions about the apocalypse and the end of the world. Several interesting points were brought up by PRS and by attendees on where the world was headed in the coming year. The general consensus seemed to be, however, that the world was not going to end; merely change in some significant way. Theorized by many that the focus on spiritual and psychic connectivity would become ever increasing in the general population creating an awareness of things classified as paranormal.

Russian medical doctor Alexander V. Trofimov, in collaboration with Vlail P. Kaznacheev, has been taking this topic to the next level. With developments in the study of human consciousness and electromagnetic fields, the two men theorize that this awareness for the next millennium may be perfectly explainable and repeatable. They claim to be able to prove through these repeated experiments the existence of “torsional energy field”, which he refers to as the “flow of time.” It is within this “flow of time” that psychical activity can be theoretically explained, based on the concepts that this energy field simultaneously portrays the past, present and future.

One such experiment, referred to as “Kozyrev’s Mirrors,” consisted of two hollow metal tubes that included a mattress for each of the participant. This tube is meant to reflect thought energy back to the individual while granting access to intensified consciousness and altered states, something similar to a deep meditational state. During this study they discovered that when the electromagnetic field is less powerful, the results increased positively so they created the second apparatus to shield the subject from the local electromagnetic field.

So, how does this relate to increased awareness? We are inundated with so many electric and magnetic devices in our modern world that this may actually be impairing our ability to pick up on psychical activity. With the advent of satellites, mobile phones, microwave rays, nuclear emissions and the like we have filled our atmosphere with countless waves that affect our everyday human actions. But could we possibly be getting this shift from another source?

Another popular 2012 apocalyptic theory is the cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis that states that due to geologically rapid shifts in the modern day poles and the axis rotation of the earth, great amounts of earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters will effectively wipe us from the earth. Though scientists agree that a 30 degree polar shift has occurred they also state that is happened over a process of 200 million years. But when we look at our news stations we see increases of natural disasters being portrayed. A quarter of a million people died in natural disasters last year in 2010 racking up yet more deaths due to “acts of God” again this year. We can hardly deny that Mother Earth has been voicing her concerns on an incredibly destructive level. With all these changes to our environment, we must wonder what exactly is going on with the earth’s polarity and electromagnetic field. With all this electromagnetic pollution caused by our man made technologies, is it possible the Earth is clearing the air so we can become more in tune with it all? Or what if Geologist Gregg Braden theory of the electromagnetic polarity reverse holds more weight than we realize?

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What if the answer to our paranormal and spiritual awareness is so much simpler than that? We’ve been drilling through the end of the world for several generations, marking each of these dates as the set date for the Rapture, Ragnarok, Kali Yuga, end of the Mayan calendar, End of Days or whatever you want to name it but 2012 has been the large push in the past 12 years as to when the world was set to end. Perhaps the increased awareness is due to our ever growing population as we just recently hit the 7 billion mark. If there are more people to think about it, then there are more talking about it and reflecting on what it may mean. Because religion makes up so much of our lives as a species, it’s no wonder people have started clinging more so to their faith during this “doomsday” awareness.

Perhaps we are looking to blame a higher power for things outside our control and that is what we are seeing through our own cataclysmic predictions. If we turn our heads to our Gods and our belief systems where seemingly science can only inform and not prevent, perhaps this is what launches mankind into another Renaissance. When it comes to the end of the world, or only the end of an age, truly, only time will tell.


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