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Article By: Josh Light

I’m the tech guy here around PRS, so one might expect me to be completely gung-ho for every paranormal gadget that comes onto the market.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great ideas out there that I would love to incorporate into the paranormal field.  Unfortunately, for every good idea there are about one hundred bad ones.

Let’s take the Ovilus for example.  This is from the same creator as the Paranormal Puck, a device that can record temperature, EMF, and other physical data.  While the Puck also contains ‘features’ that are less useful, this isn’t a bad idea over all.  The Ovilus, on the other hand, takes in EMF, temperature, and voltage and maps this value to an entry in a 512 word dictionary.  Then it says whatever that dictionary entry is aloud.


This isn’t science.  This is madness.  The dictionary is geared towards a paranormal investigator.  The likelihood of finding a word that’s relevant to a case is one to one.  Take it to a different situation, say a child’s birthday party, and finding a word that seems relevant is much less likely.  (At least, I hope so.  Although ‘demon’ might be a valid term, depending upon the children.)

Other inventions may have a good idea at their base, but it soon becomes ridiculous.  The Parabot is a great example of this.  I’ve been on cases with structurally unsound buildings or toxic environments and would have loved to send a remote monitoring platform into these unsafe locations.  But no, it couldn’t be a straightforward bit of tech.  For some reason it contains a Tesla coil and an assortment of neon tubes.  What that has to with the paranormal is beyond me.

Then there’s the Frank’s Box, but I’ve already talked at length about that particular device.  The Shack Hack is a simplified version of the Box that just scans through radio stations without stopping or muting.  If anything, this has more problems than the Frank’s Box.  It’s all based on timing and chance, with no way for an entity to influence the device in any fashion.  I have yet to figure out how this is supposed to be useful during an investigation.

That’s really the problem here.  Not only are these devices not useful for an investigation, but they actually detract from the case.  There are plenty of useful devices (audio recorders, camcorders, and the like) that demand attention.  To have something constantly talking to you, generating noise, or zapping is just distracting.  And trying to capture EVPs over this nonsense?  Forget about it.  Don’t buy in to the gadget trends.  If there’s a new piece of technology, ask yourself how it could possibly work.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, so read up about it before laying down cold hard cash on something that hurts your investigation.


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