Josh Could Be Worse…

Article By: Josh Light

If you’ve watched a paranormal television show or movie of late, you’ve likely seen images of evil spirits, possession, and demons.  There are people getting pushed, pulled, dragged, and sexually assaulted.  There are others that seem to be taken over by a force from within—typically to their own or another’s detriment.  Things levitate, walls bleed, and occupants slowly go mad.  It’s a hell of a thing.

But it isn’t all bad.

Thing is, I’ve seen a few of those things first hand and know how devastating they can be.  But those types of hauntings are (by quite a large margin) the minority.  Most hauntings aren’t all that bad or even remotely that active.  They just make for a more interesting story.  Few people are ever really excited about the ghost of your Aunt Bathilda who makes a thud in the kitchen when you’ve left the stove on.  Or how the last owner of the house (deceased) moves around the pictures in the living room.  Or any other little thing.

The problem is that lately, there have been very few ‘ghost stories’ that depict any normal spirits.  That’s sort of frustrating for a paranormal investigator.  We deal with hundreds (or thousands at this point) of cases each year.  From those we cherry pick what seem to be the best cases.  That’s about…1% of cases.  99% of cases either don’t ring true, are mostly inactive, or aren’t all that bad seeming, but got blown out of proportion.

I’m not going to name any specific cases.  That would be unethical.  But I can provide some common examples from a cross sampling of various cases:

Lights flickering
Objects moving when no one is there
Seeing things from the corner of the eye
Cold spots
Animals looking at something you cannot perceive
Knocking noises
Children laughing

And the list goes on and on.  I’m going to do something I rarely do.  Take off my skeptic’s hat.  Sure there are plausible explanations for everything mentioned above, but let’s say that there is some paranormal element.  None of the activity listed above is actually threatening.  It’s not even frightening from a certain context.

Again, it’s not all bad.

And yet we get email after email about these things.  And it’s rarely a curiosity about the goings on.  It turns into OMGTHERESADEMONINMYHOUSEBECAUSETHECANDYDISHWASMOVED!  Too many of those emails is enough to break even the most compassionate of investigators.  If you’re new to investigating, these cases are great trial runs for equipment because it’s a low risk case.  However, though the paranormal risk is low, dealing with the clients will be that much harder.  The real concern is that after looking at those 99% of cases that yield nothing, you may miss that 1% that really does need help.

So what is the solution?  Education certainly helps.  Perhaps openness in dealing with these matters is the most important, as you can create a group that’s both accepting and supportive.  If you’ve got a friend who grew up in a haunted house and is comfortable with that, being able to talk about your own situation can help relieve stress.  Keeping objective about the happenings can also be comforting as is trying to see it from the entity’s perspective.  Most of the time, it isn’t so bad.


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