PRS 123: Paranormal Photography

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A snapshot of the undiscovered.


Sergey Poberezhny will give a 5-course look at paranormal photography. The topic of photographing the unknown has long been used by researchers and investigators as a form of viable proof of the afterlife. Decades throughout history the paranormal has been riddled of written word and oratory tales; from myths to testimonies, it was all left to the imagery of the mind to recreate the experience. Photography produced a new way to look at the paranormal. As a visual aid, it took fairy tales and brought them into reality.

It first started as a form of psychic phenomenon when it allowed people to get a portrait session with a friend or family member who had long passed away. As technology progressed it became an important tool for researchers to study mediums who claimed to levitate, produce ectoplasm, and channel spirits with their bodies. Soon researchers were able to conduct extensive sessions on individuals who were able to transmit their thoughts onto film. And now, in the digital world, everyone has some sort of camera on hand. Citizens have become the researchers, the investigators and the explorers.

This course will outline a historical to modern day journey on how photography has shaped and conformed the paranormal. Individuals will also learn on how to conduct and analyze potential paranormal pictures. Though a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes it’s not always the truth.

(WizIQ offers a unique learning experience for all attendees. You and the rest of the students will be able to chat with the teacher and each other as the lecture is present live)

What’s Included:

1) Access to all 5 lectures, live or taped: Like with real classrooms, students/attendees will be able to get the most out of their experience by attending the live lectures.  However, for those who have to miss a class or two, there’s no worries.  The lectures will be saved and viewable from May 18th – June 21st.

2) Access to the Virtual Instructor’s Office: A private social site has been set up where attendees/students of the program will be able to register and gain access to the message boards, group discussions, group activities, all powerpoint files and reading materials, etc.  Additionally, this will be where the students/attendees can interact with the instructor privately.  We know this is especially important for those who may have additional questions to ask Mr. Poberezhny about the course, but don’t want to bother with sending him an e-mail at his fan address or via Facebook.  Here, it’ll be just you and your fellow attendees interacting with the instructor.

3) Activities, Group Projects & More: Like the quizzes and final exam, this is also not required, but is offered for those who wish to get the most out of their experience.  Participants will be assigned a group to research, investigate or argue about various topics learned about within the classroom.

Registration is open starting Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 5:00pm EST.

Class Dates:

Saturday: May 18th, May 25th, June 1st

Wednesday: May 22nd, May 29th.

Cost: $50.00 per person



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