PRS 126: Demonology Overview (by Ryan Buell)

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Take a deeper look in to the darkness.


Ryan Buell (founder/director of PRS) will give a 5-lecture, month-long historical overview in to the world of demonology.  From the ancient cultural views, the origins of Satan & Hell, to the rite of exorcism, students will gain a well-rounded overview when it comes to the demonic phenomenon.  Students will learn about various religious (Mesopotamian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian faiths) and cultural views on the demonic, and how they influenced one another.  Focusing on the mainstream Christian culture, the class will learn about the origins of Satan (again, from an historical view) and his influence on religion.  Then, from the Inquisition, St. Thomas, King James, the Witch Trials and more, how fear in the demonic influenced our culture today.  On top of the historical overview, the class will study popular demonic cases throughout history, as well as evidence supporting the existence of the demonic in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Although this class will not try to convince the class of one particular viewpoint, an attempt to present all sides will be given, and the student will have the materials to make up their own minds on whether or not demons do exist.

Additionally, the class will receive three real PRS cases that involve claims of demonic hauntings and possession.  Throughout the course of the class (along with participation on the virtual classroom), we’ll dissect these cases.  Students will watch real video and audio evidence and more.

An example of the live webinar course. Users will be able to ask questions, chat amongst each other, see the instructor & presentation at the same time, and lots, lots more!

What’s Included:

1) Access to all 5 lectures, live or taped: Like with real classrooms, students/attendees will be able to get the most out of their experience by attending the live lectures.  However, for those who have to miss a class or two, there’s no worries.  The lectures will be saved and viewable from April 28th – July 1st.

2) You’ll be given three real PRS case files that involve claims of demonic hauntings and possession.  Along with the files, you’ll review video and audio and other evidence.

2) Access to the Virtual Instructor’s Office: A private social site has been set up where attendees/students of the program will be able to register and gain access to the message boards, group discussions, group activities, all powerpoint files and reading materials, etc.  Additionally, this will be where the students/attendees can interact with the instructor privately.  We know this is especially important for those who may have additional questions to ask Mr. Buell about the courses, but don’t want to bother with sending him an e-mail at his fan address or via Facebook.  Here, it’ll be just you and your fellow attendees interacting with the instructor.

3) Access to quizzes and a final exam, for those who wish to test their knowledge: Although it’s not a requirement, quizzes and a final exam will be made based off of the lectures and reading materials.  Mr. Buell will grade them and post your scores.  Those who score above 90% will be given a commemorative class item.

4) Activities, Group Projects & More: Like the quizzes and final exam, this is also not required, but is offered for those who wish to get the most out of their experience.  Participants will be assigned a group to research, investigate or argue about various topics learned about within the classroom.

Registration & Cost:

Registration is open starting Monday, April 1st at 3:00pm.

Class Times: Sundays: April 28th, May 5th, (Wednesday) May 15th, May 19th, June 2nd.

Extra-Curricular Classes: Thursdays at 9pm EST.  April 29th, May 4th, May 16th, May 28th.

Cost: $100.00 per person (includes everything listed above)



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