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The Truth Is Out There


The universe is an incredibly vast and open space. There are roughly 4 trillion planets in our galaxy alone and with billions of galaxies out there, how can there not be intelligent life in another solar system? Stories of visitations from beings not of this world have entered our lives in one way or another. From the moment we wondered about the possibility on whether we are alone in the universe, there has always been a love-hate relationship between mankind and these visitors from another planet. Either they are here to observe and possibly hoping to save humanity from our own destructive nature or they are here to take our planet for their own purposes; by whatever means necessary.

Since the dawn of man there have been documentations through cave drawings and medieval paintings. Evidence of visitations has continued in history through anecdotes, photographs & videos, ex-government officials coming out and even reports of people being abducted onto alien ships. Through these and other avenues we will explore the possible existence of these creatures. This webinar will give you an introductory course from the most famous case reports across the globe to the research done by various UFOlogists, to even hear from those that had an encounter of the third kind.

Put on your tin foil hat and join PRS investigator and lecturer Sergey Poberezhny for a webinar that hopes to answer, “are we alone?”

An example of the live webinar course. Users will be able to ask questions, chat amongst each other, see the instructor & presentation at the same time, and lots, lots more!

What’s Included:

1) Access to all 4 lectures, live or taped: Like with real classrooms, students/attendees will be able to get the most out of their experience by attending the live lectures.  However, for those who have to miss a class or two, there’s no worries.  The lectures will be saved and viewable 30 days after the last day of class.

2) Access to the Virtual Instructor’s Office: A private social site has been set up where attendees/students of the program will be able to register and gain access to the message boards, group discussions, group activities, all powerpoint files and reading materials, etc.  Additionally, this will be where the students/attendees can interact with the instructor privately.  We know this is especially important for those who may have additional questions to ask Mr. Poberezhny about the courses, but don’t want to bother with sending him an e-mail at his fan address or via Facebook.  Here, it’ll be just you and your fellow attendees interacting with the instructor.

3) Access to special homework assignments and bonus classes. Bonus classes usually happen on weekends are designed to provide further information on a particular topic.

Registration & Cost:

Registration is open starting Sunday, February 12th, 2011 at 12:00pm EST.

Class Schedule:

Tech Rehearsal & Syllabus Overview – Monday, Mar. 19th at 8:30pm – 9:15pm EST.  Class One – Wednesday, March 21st

Class Two – Wednesday, April 4th

Class Three – Wednesday, April 11th

Class Four – Wednesday, April 18th


FULL PASS: $90.00

Click Here For Tickets

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