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Eilfie FeatureAltars and Sacred Spaces

Article By: Eilfie Music Altars can be many things and can come in many sizes. Some are for the worship of a certain deity or a pantheon, others are a place to store objects of power until needed, and some are a visual reminder of what the individual is striving for. The items placed on…

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JoshCaged In

Article By: Josh Light Last week I talked about the creation and testing of a Fear Machine (or non-localized transient inducer.)  What I failed to suggest is the existence of ‘fear machines’ or ‘fear cages’ that occur through a feat of bad wiring, inopportune location, or other odd quirk.  So what’s a paranormal investigator to…

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MichelleDusty (Digital) Tomes Series: Hebrew Concepts of Hell

Article By: Michelle Belanger The following is from the “Society of Biblical Archaeology Proceedings,” Volume 10, part 2 published by the Society of Biblical Archaeology in London on May 1, 1888. The specific article from whence these passages have been excerpted is entitled “Old Jewish Legends on Biblical Topics Part II: Legendary Description of Hell,”…

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Eilfie FeatureHaunted Roads part 2: Crossroads, Deals with Devils, and offerings to the Gods

Article By: Eilfie Music Crossroads have always had many layered meanings in many cultures. They represent an intersection of paths that can lead you to various destinations, and are also a metaphor of the path people walk in life with the moments where that path changes depending on which way you go. They are the…

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JoshSome Assembly Required

Article By: Josh Light I’ve built a few crazy contraptions in my time. Lucid dream masks, a Heather Taddy sized Faraday cage, and laser trip wires to name but a few. All fine gadgets, to be sure. However, one of my favourites (due to the reaction it generated) is the fear machine I created. That’s…

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