edgewood_spook_50 Edgewood Plantation Lockdown: September 23 & 24th, 2011

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Edgewood Plantation Lockdown

Ticket Costs:

$260 per adult

Meal & Lodging Included



Event Summary:

You and 14 other guests will check in to the haunted, historic Edgewood Plantation near Williamsburg, VA. The mansion will be locked down, and together with members of PRS, you will have the entire night to investigate the property. Start off the night with a meet-and-greet dinner (included), followed by hands-on workshops and discussions. As the night approaches, all participants will help set up for the investigation, by going through historical documents, setting up technical surveillance and more. The investigation kicks off with a séance, followed by a Dead Time investigation. Afterward, the experience continues as you check in to your haunted room to spend the night. In the morning, everyone will gather once more over breakfast (included) to share their experiences and say their goodbyes.

Edgewood Plantation:

Part of the picturesque James River Plantations, Edgewood, a state and nationally registered historical property, was once part of the infamous Berkeley Plantation where Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison once lived. Edgewood founded when Harrison sold 1800 hundreds acres to Spencer Rowland from New Jersey who built the house in a Northern styled facade. On the acreage was also built 3 slaves quarters, a mill that would later play a pivotal role in Civil War relations, a 292 acre lake and the pond and millaries. Rowland built the house in 1849 before the outbreak of the Civil War in which the property played a big part. George McLellan marched to and took up base at Berkeley Plantation with 40,000 Union troops. McLellan’s men needed food so the General found himself in need of Rowland’s mill which allowed for Rowland to carry influence with town affairs and have his property overlooked during this Union occupation. When McLellan took over the church and made it into a hospital, Rowland turned Edgewood’s current 40ft by 18ft living room into the church for the remaining practitioners during the Civil War. Edgewood would also serve as a Confederate signal post in which Confederate soldiers would send information on the movements of the Union Troops occupying Berekely Plantation.

The four-story, 7,000 sq ft Edgewood Plantation would later serve a variety of first for the Charles City County including operations as the first restaurant in the county and the first telephone exchange. The current owners, the Boulwares, even boast retaining the very first telephone book for the county which has exactly 1 page in length. Though Edgewood’s history is fascinating within itself, the site also boasts a sad love story of Lizzie Rowland, Spencer Rowland’s daughter, who died of a broken heart while waiting for her lover to come back from the Civil War. Her love, a local boy from the nearby Shirley Plantation which dates to the 1600s, was named Bernard Carter and was the only one of the Carter boys not to return from his tour of duty. With no word on his absence, it is said that Lizzie etched her name into the window pane of her bedroom while waiting on his return, however, the owners claim never to have seen this etching. The owners do, however, hear reports of Lizzie’s presence all the time. One event leaving Dot Boulware’s daughter-in-law, Candy, pale as she told Mrs. Boulware she had just encountered the spirit. Lizzie had stood with her hands on her hips looking very displeased as a group of young children were being rounded up for the night. For a gentile Southern lady, unruly children are definitely frowned upon.

Another incident came when the owners were away, relying on a friend to watch the B&B and attend to guests while they were gone. When Mrs. Boulware returned, her long time friend believed she had finally encountered the ghost of Lizzie Rowland. She had reported the sound of petticoats rustling through the hall and up the stairs on separate occasions but, when investigated, found no apparent source. This same sensation was experienced by a guest almost 2 years later in the same room Mrs. Boulware’s friend had heard it initially.

The Boulware’s are used to hearing reports of spirit activity, inside and outside the house. A report from the slaves quarters by one guest suggested that numerous Civil War soldiers may still be visiting the property. One of these soldiers even introduced himself to this guest as an Aaron Young and was later confirmed by historical documents from the nearby Berkeley Plantation that Young was indeed a soldier who passed through the area and may have died on the property. The question remains, however, who else is out there?

Communicate with the heart broken Lizzie Rowland, search for the soul of her lost love Bernard Carter, and talk with the lost spirit of Aaron Young as you travel with PRS to a home captured in a fragment of time that formed such an influential piece of American history. Join PRS at this historic LockDown event and step back in time when war was fought between brothers and blood was spilled in a country of civil unrest.


Breakfast: (included)

Dinner: Not Included

The Edgewood Plantation Staff is happy to accommodate any attendees with food allergies or specific dietary needs, however, they ask to be notified ahead of time so they may be able to prepare for your requirements. Please notify PRS event staff upon purchase of your ticket if you have any of these criteria: events@parafieldtrip.com


Victoria's Room

Rooms: The Edgewood Plantation has 7 beautiful set aside for our guests. Victoria’s Room, Sarah’s Room, Dolly’s Room, Scarlett’s Room, Melanie’s Room, Lizzie’s Room, and Jeb Stuart’s Room.

Sarah's Room

Lizzie's Room

Due to availability of the accommodation PRS will provide room assignments for the attendees. Room assignments will be made on the accommodation of 3 people per room. If you have a specific request for room assignment please include it with any further questions or requests to PRS staff ASAP. If you wish to book an entire room for yourself then you will be responsible for covering the additional ticket costs for that room: events@parafieldtrip.com


Friday, September 23rd & Saturday, September 24th, 2011
05:00:00 PM Check In/Meet and Greet
06:00:00 PM Dinner with Haunted Stories
07:30:00 PM Workshop 1
08:30:00 PM Workshop 2
09:30:00 PM Set Up for Investigation
11:00:00 PM Séance
12:00:00 AM Investigation
02:00:00 AM End of Assisted Investigation
10:00:00 AM Breakfast and Discussion
11:00:00 AM Tech Tear Down
11:30:00 AM Checkout & Good-byes





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