Interview With "Seekers of the Unknown"

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achment wp-att-2941″ href=””>On October 30th, PRS sat down with Adam Long, the director of Seekers of the Unknown, the winners of the live investigation for PRS Halloween Radio Show airing at 10pm EST.

PRS:  Adam, first of all, congratulations on being selected as the team to investigate live on PRS Radio!

Adam Long:  Thank you!  The team is really excited!

PRS:  So, tell us more about your team, Seekers of the Unknown.

Long:  Well, we started in 2002.  For a while I was the only member of the team.  This was before the internet and it took time to find members.

PRS:  Not that much younger than PRS!  What made you start the team?

Long:  I had my most frightening experience.  I started the team so that I could find my own answers.  At first, we did investigations of public places, and then our friends and family started asking us to check out their homes and the rest is history.

PRS:  So it sounds like this took on a life of it’s own.  How old were you when you started this team?

Long:  I started it when I turned 18 after my high school graduation.  My parents didn’t want me to investigate any ghosts or spirits because they thought I would make things worse.  So I respected their wishes, but then I also moved out.

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PRS:  That sounds like that was a difficult decision to make.  So switching gears, what kind of tech do you like to investigate with?

Long:  We use audio recorders varying from digital recorders to tape recorders.  We also use a high tech security system with night vision, walkie talkies, handheld camcorders  We like to collect evidence with as much equipment as possible.

PRS:  That is very thorough.  Do you have any theories about the paranormal that you would like to share with us?

Long:  I think…the paranormal is always watching us.  There is a thin boundary between our world and the spiritual world and I think those who have passed and other beings from the spirit world want our attention.  I’m here to give them that attention.  Sometimes it’s good attention, and sometimes it’s bad.

PRS:  That’s very interesting.  Thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with us and it gave our listeners a chance to get to know you before the show.

Long:  Thanks for picking my team!  We’re looking forward to the investigation.

You can listen to Adam and the rest of the team from Seekers of the Unknown investigate on Halloween at 10pm EST on PRS Radio.  Click here to listen.


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