1120330742_1297295382_a601e9d8089fc369308871d490d8e3775496a183 Lizzie Borden Lockdown: November 4th & 5th, 2011

Lizzie Borden House Lockdown

Ticket Costs:

$300 per adult

Meals & Lodging Included



Event Summary:

You and 14 other guests will check in to the infamous Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA. The mansion will be locked down, and together with members of PRS, you will have the entire night to investigate the property. Start off the night with a meet-and-greet, followed by hands-on workshops and discussions. As the night approaches, all participants will help set up for the investigation, by going through historical documents, setting up technical surveillance and more. The investigation kicks off with a séance, followed by a Dead Time investigation. Afterward, the experience continues as you check in to your haunted room to spend the night. In the morning, everyone will gather once more over breakfast (included) to share their experiences and say their goodbyes.

Lizzie Borden House:

Lizzie Borden took an axe,

And gave her mother forty whacks,

When she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one.

August 4, 1892 at 92 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts, the Borden’s maid, Bridget (“Maggie”) Sullivan, was taking a break in her bedroom from doing her chores. Suddenly she heard Lizzie Borden, the younger of two Borden daughters, call to her desperately to come downstairs. Lizzie then explained that her father was dead and that somebody came in and killed him. Soon police officers were in the house searching the premises for evidence of the murderer when they discovered the body of Abby Borden, Lizzie’s step-mother, on the second floor. The bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden had both been hacked to death by either an ax or hatchet by the murderer, however, the body of Abby Borden was cold on discovery whereas Andrew’s was still very warm indicating that Abby had been killed first.

The community was terribly shocked this morning to hear that an aged man and his wife had fallen victims to the thirst of a murderer, and that an atrocious deed had been committed, The news spread like wildfire and hundreds poured into Second street. The deed was committed at No. 62 Second street, where for years Andrew J. Borden and his wife had lived in happiness.

It is supposed that an axe was the instrument used, as the bodies of the victims are hacked almost beyond recognition. Since the discovery of the deed the street in front of the house has been blocked by an anxious throng, eagerly waiting for the news of the awful tragedy and vowing vengeance on the assassin.” This report from the Fall River Herald shows just a sample of what the media attention was like when assessing this trial. With some of the best lawyers of the time representing the Prosecution and Defense of Lizzie Borden, people were quickly scrambling back and forth regarding Lizzie’s innocence.

The trial began in June 5, 1893 in the New Bedford County Courthouse before a panel of three judges and hand selected jury. Though the trial endured many compelling arguments on behalf of the Prosecution and the Defense, concrete evidence to place Lizzie Borden at the scene of the crime was lacking. After defense attorney , A. V. Jennings argued “there is not one particle of direct evidence in this case from beginning to end against Lizzie A. Borden. There is not a spot of blood, there is not a weapon that they have connected with her in any way, shape or fashion.” in his closing statement, the Prosecution was unable to provide, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Lizzie was the perpetrator of the crime therefore the jury must acquit her. The Jury agreed entering a verdict of “Not Guilty” on June 14, 1893.

The house was passed down over the years being purchased by various owners until LeAnn Wilber purchased the establishment, reopening it as a B&B and museum. Experiencing strange phenomenon herself as well as receiving reports from her guests, the Lizzie Borden House B&B and Museum offers opportunities not typically enjoyed by the average customer. Now you will have the opportunity to visit the 119 year old crime scene where the ghastly murders of Andrew and Abby Borden took place. See if the spirits that remain feel if justice was served or question Lizzie herself about her role in that fateful night in 1892. Sleep in one of the rooms of this former private residence and receive an experience like no other. Now it is time to join the Paranormal Research Society as they open a case file on the infamous Lizzie Borden House.


Breakfast: (included) Eggs, sausage, breakfast, potatoes, johnny cake, oatmeal, coffee, juice

Dinner: Not Included

The Lizze Borden House B&B and Museum Staff is happy to accommodate any attendees with food allergies or specific dietary needs, however, they ask to be notified ahead of time so they may be able to prepare for your requirements. Please notify PRS event staff upon purchase of your ticket if you have any of these criteria: events@parafieldtrip.com


Lizzie Borden's Room

One of 7 rooms from this infamous crime scene will be available to you. The Lizzie Borden House B&B and Museum has 7 rooms that will be available to you. The Lizzie Borden Room (Accused), the Emma Borden Room (Sister), the John V. Morse Room (Maternal Uncle), Andrew Borden Room (Father & Victim), Abby Borden Room (Step-Mother & Victim), Bridget “Maggie” Sullivan Room (Maid, 1st Response Witness), or the Hosea Knowlton Room (Prosecuting Attorney)

Andrew Borden Room

John Morse Room (Where Abby Borden Was Found)

Due to availability of the accommodation PRS will provide room assignments for the attendees. Room assignments will be made on the accommodation of 3 people per room. If you have a specific request for room assignment please include it with any further questions or requests to PRS staff ASAP. Also, shared bathroom accommodation is provided by the B&B and all attendees and rooms will be expected to share those accommodations. If you wish to book an entire room for yourself then you will be responsible for covering the additional ticket costs for that room: events@parafieldtrip.com


Friday, November 4th & Saturday, November 5th, 2011
05:00:00 PM Check In/Meet and Greet
06:00:00 PM Dinner with Haunted Stories (off-site, dinner not included)
07:30:00 PM Workshop 1
08:30:00 PM Workshop 2
09:30:00 PM Set Up for Investigation
11:00:00 PM Séance
12:00:00 AM Investigation
02:00:00 AM End of Assisted Investigation
10:00:00 AM Breakfast and Discussion
11:00:00 AM Tech Tear Down
11:30:00 AM Checkout & Good-byes



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