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Family believes Christmas present unleashed paranormal activity into their home

February 4th, 2021

BRANDON, Miss: It sounded like someone was knocking on the walls.

That’s how Whitney Merritt describes the beginning of the nearly three weeks of alleged paranormal activity her family endured after receiving a Christmas present last month.

The present was a vintage doll carriage. Her mother had gotten it from a friend of a friend and had gifted it to Whitney’s daughter, where it sat by the Christmas tree for the first few days.

The knocking, Whitney says, began at the beginning of the year. They would hear it on the walls of their Brandon home which they have recently moved into. The sounds grew so loud that on two occasions, Whitney walked to the front door thinking someone was outside. It was midnight so Whitney called her husband, Michael, who works nights.

“I think someone’s at the front door,” she told him before turning on the porch light. When she opened it, no one was there.

“And then about the third or fourth night was when we started hearing, like, boomboomboom, in the attic,” she recalls as she rubs her chest, leaving it red. At first they simply wrote it off. The home was built in 1992, maybe it was just settling in?

“I don’t know. Logical reasons I’m trying to come up with in my head,” Whitney admits.

But soon the sounds above their living room became so frequent that they could no longer be ignored. So one weekend in the middle of the night, Michael went into the attic carrying a shotgun and a flashlight, expecting to find someone up there.

“We were out there making so much noise,” Whitney says. “People probably thought we were crazy. We thought there was somebody in the attic!” But no one was up there. And so ended week one.

Week two started with a bang.

It was around two or three in the morning when Whitney was awakened from what she calls a “dead sleep.” The noise was so loud, she says, that she thought their dog had crashed through the window of their door. She grabbed her handgun and walked around their home, but found nothing.

In the morning while walking into the kitchen was when she discovered the bag on the ground. In the bag were the coffee mugs she had recently purchased from TJMaxx. The bag was three to four feet away from the table. Both of the mugs were broken.

“There was no way that they could have fallen over at all, Whitney says adamantly. “I mean, they weren’t on their side or anything… they’re not just gonna roll. You know what I mean? They just don’t roll.”

The next night, another bang. It was around 3:30 in the morning. Whitney rushed into the kitchen to find another bag on the floor, inside another shattered mug. This time shards of glass had come out of the bag and so Whitney began sweeping it up.

After putting the glass in the trashcan, Whitney started walking back to her bedroom. That’s when she said she heard the sound of someone dropping a load of silverware into the sink.

“I mean, I wasn’t even back to the bedroom yet and that’s when I turned around. I about broke my neck,” she says. “And I went back to the sink to look and was like, ‘Maybe something slipped and fell,’ but I had just done the dishes. There was nothing in the sink. So I was freaked out… I stayed up for a while.”

The last week a series of events occurred, most involving her children’s rooms and their toys.

The dreamcatcher and lamp in her daughter’s room fell to the floor multiple times. After investigating it the second time they fell, Whitney and Michael were walking back to their bedroom when the bathroom door slammed behind them.

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