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Is PRS still affiliated with Penn State?

No.  PRS left the university officially at the beginning of 2008.  After Buell and others left the university, the club remained active for a short while, with the club consulting with Buell on a regular basis.  However, in late 2007, it was decided that the organization would officially leave the university.  Instead of being a student club, the group became a professional organization.  PRS remains headquartered in State College, Pa., with a two-story office, a lab, séance room, library and more!

It should also be noted that Penn State does not offer any degrees in paranormal investigation.

How do I become a member of PRS?

PRS accepts membership first in to the general society, which acts as a sort of entry way in to the rest of the society.  You can learn more about the general society by visiting the page here, and you can also apply by visiting here.

I need PRS to come to come to me and help me!  How do I get them to come?

Unfortunately, the chances are slim that you will be able to get PRS to accept your case.  There are less than 10 investigators actively working within the society at this moment, and we have over 10,000 case submissions.  PRS does have plans to start forwarding cases to other PRS-approved groups, which hopefully will start later this summer.  You’re still welcome to submit a case request, but we suggest you find a backup group.  It may take weeks or months to hear back.  And even if you do hear back, most of the time it’s to notify you that we won’t be able to take your case.  Right now, PRS is only taking the most severe.  PRS will judge which cases they deem severe.  But please don’t over-spam out inboxes with multiple requests, as your case request is filed away and any repeats will simple aggravate the process.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that PRS does not accept cases from those who simply wish to be on TV.

I need to contact PRS for something OTHER than a case request, how do I do that?

You can e-mail  Keep in mind, however, that like with all of our e-mails and contact forms, expect to wait several weeks to months for a reply, depending on the urgency of the matter.

Does PRS offer any workshops/classes on how to be an investigator?

Occasionally.  However, it must be noted that there isn’t an “official” course that gives anyone an “official” certificate.  There are many sites and groups that offer training, and all of them vary.  PRS does offer one of the most comprehensive training courses in the country, yet it still refrains from labeling its training as “official.”  Furthermore, there aren’t any universities that offer a (valid) degree in paranormal investigation.  Some universities offer a Ph. D in parapsychology, especially in Europe.

How can I visit the PRS Office?

As of right now, the PRS office remains closed to the public, except on a few occasions where we open it up by invitation (see Open House, PRS Séance).

Is PRS a Non-Profit Organization?

At this time, no.



What is PRS’ Mailing Address?

PRS has a PO Box, which you can mail things to:


PO BOX 403

State College, PA 16801

Other contact info:

For all other inquiries NOT involving hauntings, case submissions, media requests, etc., please use:

Media Contact: Please go to this page.

Case Submissions: Please go to this page.

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