Date: Friday, August 5-7, 2011
Location: Salem, MA

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In the civil and political unrest of 1692, the Puritan Colony in Salem Village (now Danvers) was met with what was described as an assault on the Christian community. Several girls, ranging from 9 to 20 years of age, were suffering from various afflictions which they blamed on witchcraft perpetrated by others in the community. They were “bitten and pinched by invisible agents” as well as “taken dumb, their mouths stopped, their throats stopped, their limbs wracked and tormented so as might move an heart of stone.” (Witchcraft and Demonology, King, 1987). What was worse for the accused, this behavior seemed to spread like a fever through the

other women of the community.

“More than 150 persons were indicted before and during the sitting of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, but only 28 were brought to trial” (Witch Hunts in Europe and America: An Encyclopedia, Burns, 2003). Along with the Witchcraft Act of 1604 set by King James I, which established their legal and religious obligations for the executions, the formula for the 1692-1693 Salem Witch Hunts had been established.  These events would allow for the hysteria that broke out across Salem Village, resulting in the accusations of nearly 200 people of witchcraft and ending with the deaths of 21 townspeople.

Over three hundred years later, the PRS group, along with field trippers, will journey to Salem, Mass., to explore its history, its legends, and its spirits.  It will be an educational, entertaining and thrilling experience.

From August 5 – 7th, 2011, the Trials Will Resume…


Salem Witch Trials Experiment & Witch House Tour –

Attendees will get to sit in and play jury during a live performance re enacting the witch trials.  Attendees will then play their roles, with the accusers looking to find those they believe may be witches.  The accused will be tried and interrogated.  At the end of the Field Trip, it will be revealed who the accused are, and if any of them were witches.  Additionally, Field Trippers will be given a private, FTXII only tour of the famous Witch House!

Ghost Hunt – We all like to have a real, genuine ghost hunt.  So we’ve locked down an entire Bed-&-Breakfast hotel that has a history of being haunted, just for us to investigate all-night in!  One location

is the Peabody House, which was built in the mid-Forrester_Peabody_House_Salem_Massachusetts1800s and now serves as one of three house extensions for a hotel.  The house will be exclusively given to Field Trippers over the event for all-night investigations.  Numerous staff and former owners have complained of the Peabody House being haunted by a very frightening force.  What that force is, exactly, remains to be discovered.

But, we don’t stop at just one haunted location. Join the group who chooses to investigate Old Town Hall where reports of the poltergeist activity are reported in and around the building. Chairs moving, doors opening and apparitions of ghostly men and women appear from inside the building. Could this be chaotic energy from the past, or is this place haunted by restless spirits?

Select Field Trippers may also be given access to this overnight for extensive investigations.


Cry Innocent – Attendees will get to be a part of a private viewing of the play, “Cry Innocent,” which is a re enactment of the Salem Witch Trials.  The stage and audience is a court room setting.  The play lasts approximately one hour. The year is 1692. Bridget Bishop has been accused of witchcraft and the audience sits on the Puritan jury. They hear the historical testimonies, cross-examine the witnesses and decide the verdict. The actors respond in character to all comments and questions, revealing much about the Puritan mind. Pick a side and become part of the play, and become part of a historical event.

Circle Discussions – We’re bringing back one of the more popular elements of previous Field Trips, where attendees get to sit in a smaller, more intimate discussion with a member of PRS.  Even though the PRS Field Trips bring well over 125 people, we still strive to give those intimate moments whenever we can.  In the circle discussions, Field Trippers will get to be a part of a smaller group for a discussion.  There’s no formal lecture.  There’s no script as to where the conversation can go.  Where the topics flow is up to you and your fellow Field Trippers.

Rapid-Fire Lecture & New Workshops – PRS is introducing a new, group lecture where each speaker has 15 minutes to add to the discussion/point.  There will also be guest speakers and brand new workshops that tie-in with the theme of Salem and what it stands for, as well as some new, general paranormal topics.


There will be at least two guest speakers, possibly a third.  FIELD TRIP: SALEM will also bring in local speakers to help inform attendees of the Salem lore and transformation.

Authentic Magick Rituals & Ceremonies – To get in the spirit of Salem, we’ll get to observe real (not the tourist stuff) rituals and ceremonies and understand the nature of them.

Haunted Museum – Attendees will get to see some rare items in a just-for-Field-Trip set up exhibit!  More information to come!!

EE Tickets – PRS will offer again a limited amount of EE tickets, for those wishing to extend their experience  of Salem with PRS. Private meet and greets, and small group activities ensure everyone for an educational and personal moment with members of the organization. Also, jump the line when it comes to registration for ghost hunts and other activities. Act fast as only 5 tickets are left.

Much, Much more!! Check back by April 15th for the full SALEM website!

Hotel & Conference Info

PRS FIELD TRIPS is currently negotiating with two hotels to get the cheapest rate for Field Trippers.  One hotel has been locked down (and it’s also allegedly haunted), and we’re in the process of locking down the second.  Hotel information will be up by Friday, April 8th.  If you buy a ticket, hotel information will be sent to you via e-mail.


(this schedule is tentative… please check back every Friday for updates)



10:30-11:00a EE Registration, Witch Assignments

11:00-12:00p EE Meet and Greet

11:00-12:00p Registration, Witch Assignments

12:00-1:15p Meet and Greet

1:15-1:45p Quick Welcome/Announcements/Auctions

2:00-3:15p 3 Workshops

3:15-4:00p Walk to Old Town Hall

4:00-4:45p Cry Innocent @ Old Town Hall

5:00-7:00p Dinner Break/Free Time

7:00-9:00p Witch House

10:00p-?:00 Ghost Hunts


11:00-12:00p Merch, Tarot Readings, Pictures

12:00-1:00p Guest Speaker

1:15-2:30p 3 Workshops

2:45-4:00p The POE Lectures

4:00-4:15p Group Photo

4:30-6:30p Dinner Break/Free Time

6:30-8:00p EE Event TBD

6:30-9:30p TBD

10:00-?:00 Ghost Hunts


12:00-2:30p Accusation Party and Executions

3:00-6:30p EE Sessions

7:00p EE – TBD


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