Ryan Buell to serve as co-executive producer for “Paranormal State”

State College, Pa: PRS Director and founder Ryan Buell can add one more title to his career.  With the greenlight of “Paranormal State” season five recently, it was also announced by Buell via Paranormal Insider TV (http://www.paranormalinsider.tv) that he will serve as the creative force behind the upcoming season as co-executive producer.

As co-executive producer, Buell will be more actively involved with the creative television show process, by choosing which elements of the investigation make the show, as well as how the program is edited.  For Buell, it seems like the perfect evolution.

“Ryan always said that he wanted to raise the bar for ‘Paranormal State’ by offering more intellectual debate, organic fears and a healthy dose of skepticism,” said PRS Associate Director and Sergey Poberezhny.  “None of us wanted to do another season of PS unless we felt like we had a good documentary team that would help elevate the show.  When Ryan said he was getting the position, we immediately felt energized and excited again.”

Although Buell says he will not have absolute power over what makes it in to the series (technically, the network does), he will have unprecedented input, and will work closely with the other executive producers and the network, whereas in the past he was simply a consultant.

“I didn’t just want to have a title of executive producer like some TV stars go for,” said Buell.  “I really want to be involved and redefine the show.  So many other reality ghost programs copy every ounce of ‘Paranormal State,’ which is flattering, but I really feel that the best days of ‘Paranormal State’ are still ahead of us.  There are so many creative people who want to take what PRS really does and tell it as a compelling TV show.  At the end of the day, ‘State’ has heart and soul.  We really care about what we do.”

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