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Beginning Spring 2011, PRS will begin offering educational webinars.

State College, Pa. PRS is proud to announce that, starting in April, PRS will begin hosting and offering classes and lectures on paranormal research and various topics through the means of online webinars.

PRS will offer both individual lectures and web courses, as well as invite outside experts/researchers to offer classes.  Attendees will get to register for classes and watch the lectures live while also being able to download available materials.

For over three years, PRS has been inundated with requests to host online webinars, but its members admittedly did not have the availability to put the necessary time in to it.  “If we are going to start offering online classes, we wanted to make sure it was something we’d be proud of,” said PRS Associate Director Sergey Poberezhny.

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PRS classes and workshops will NOT, however, offer any certification or accreditation.  “This is for educational purposes only,” said Poberezhny.

On top of offering classes and workshops for individuals, it will also foster group projects, research and challenges for other “classmates” to team up and accomplish, hence adding to the online classroom environment.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said PRS member Eilfie Music.  “We’re very excited.  We love to share what we’ve learned so far.  It’s definitely not going to be a stuffy, old lecture.  How can it when you’re talking about ghosts, poltergeists and demons?”

PRS plans to unveil a list of lectures/workshops for Spring 2011, as well as opening up registration sometime in April.

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