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State College, Pa. After three years, PRS will re-open its doors to allow new membership in to the society.  Members will be able to join the General Members Department, a subsidiary for casual members who have an overall interest to become accustomed to PRS and meet like-minded individuals.

A recent ad that appeared in The Daily Collegian in hopes to recruit new members.

The General Members Department is the society, or club aspect to the organization.  It holds regular meetings every two weeks, with planned topics to discuss, encourages member presentations, sponsors member-only field trips, and other activities such as book clubs, volunteering for research and more.  General Members, however, are not investigators.  That privilege is reserved for members of the three research departments: FIR (Field Investigation & Research, made famous for its televised investigations on “Paranormal State”), PLR (Parapsychology & Research), and the newly created SOR (Spirituality & Occult Research).

“We’re really excited to open our doors back to the general members department, because that’s how many of us got our start,” said PRS Director Ryan Buell, referring to Eilfie Music & Sergey Poberezhny, who joined the general society in 2001 and 2004, respectively.

General membership will be open to all Pennsylvania residents, as well as people in the surrounding states such as Maryland, New York and New Jersey.  Members will be required to attend at least one meeting a month, as well as volunteer for at least one research project, a few PRS events and more.

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Those wishing to apply can visit the General Society Department page.

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