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State College, Pa. The Paranormal Research Society unveiled its new logo on Friday, marking the first change to its logo since it was first created back in 2002.  The seal features two identical sphinxes.  Both sphinxes guard the seal (which incorporates elements of the old seal), while their other hands hold two matching swords.


Why the change? “We always felt that our original logo was a work never completed,” said PRS founder and Director Ryan Buell.  “And it was symbolic of an organization that was still building.  Now that PRS has moved on from being a student club at Penn State and now faces a bright future as a professional organization, we thought it was time to embrace change.”

One of the oldest PRS members, Eilfie Music, who joined the society two months after its founding in the fall of 2001, said that they didn’t want to

abandon their old logo which they all felt an affection for.  “We knew we needed a change, but we didn’t want to do away with what we had.  The first logo is simple and represents the old society.  When we decided on a new emblem, we all agreed to keep the old logo in there as much as possible.  Now [looking at the new logo], it feels like it’s an evolution of the logo, instead of a completely new design.”

The Sphinxes: The sphinx consists of three representations: daVinci’s Man, a lion and a phoenix.  Here’s a little trivia for you: each of the three represent a specific research department within PRS.  The lion represents the FIR department (a field investigative unit; FIR is the investigative branch featured on “Paranormal State”); the phoenix, SOR department (Spirituality & Occult Research); and daVinci’s man, the PLR department (Parapsychology & Laboratory Research).  Together, they combine to make the Protector of Truth.
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The Circular Emblem: The sphinxes guard a circular emblem at the center of the logo, which incorporates parts of the old logo.  Hands reach hold up the divine truth.  The four stars, triangle and two olive branches have significant meaning, but are not public knowledge.


The Swords: Each sphinx holds an identical sword, but have different inscriptions that connect together.  The latin, “Sancte Michael Archangele,” translates to “St. Michael the Archangel,” a respected saint that is said to be the sword of God.  St. Michael is chosen because of his continued battles against evil, and because St. Michael is revered across different religions other than Catholicism or Christianity.  Many Christians, Muslims, Jews,  Wiccans and Pagans respect St. Michael as being a prince in heaven.

Latin Inscription: Around the emblem and seal are the words, “Fidere, Colere et Semper Veritatem Petere!” It translates, “To Trust, Honor & Always Seek the Truth.”  This has been the official motto of PRS since its founding.

The new emblem will replace the old one effect immediately.  New logos for the research departments and the general members society will be released shortly.


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