RMarsh Feature UFO Traffic Report: May 13, 2011

Article by: Roger Marsh

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Public attention to the UFO phenomena is obviously heightened when witnesses recount close encounters where very specific shapes and movements are described. A UFO on or near the ground is an extraordinary experience. But most UFO reports are bright lights, orbs, or groups of lights – reported because they appear not to be attached to a familiar aircraft and seem to move in controlled and intelligent ways.

Saturday, May 7, 2011, was no exception. Reports came in from California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia – a nice scattering of states – and all reporting one or more bright lights – generally with no sound at all – operating in an intelligent fashion.

Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com

While Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigators respond to these reports, and in some cases, explain the sighting as something natural or manmade – take a look at just a piece of the witness testimony in: Most popular UFOs: Intelligently controlled lights

A California witness reports noticing a cloud with “ripples” where a “bump” suddenly formed and “this thing started to lower down out of the cloud.”

The witness immediately grabbed a camera and took three images.

“The thing in the cloud looked as if it lowered itself down out of the cloud to release some type of gas or something else out of the end of whatever it was in the cloud,” the witness stated. “Then it slowly went back up into the cloud. The same way it showed up. I showed the pictures to friends and they told me to give the pictures to the right people.”

The witness offers three images: Image # 1, Image # 2, and Image # 3. The event occurred on April 24, 2011.

Read the complete story here: Witness reports ‘something’ lowered itself down out of cloud.

A Georgia couple near Tybee Island report watching a low flying ball of light that came toward them and then quickly moved “straight out to sea” while a Coast Guard helicopter hovered nearby over the Savannah River.

As the couple observed the helicopter, they looked off to their right.

“It looked like it was very low in the sky and coming right toward our home,” the reporting witness stated. “We sat there in silence, looking for blinking lights. We did not see any. It suddenly stopped, and looked to move in the opposite direction, due east, straight out to sea. It was out of sight by the time I could count one one thousand!”

Tybee Island is an island and city in Chatham County near Savannah, population 2,990. No images or videos were included with the MUFON report. The incident occurred on May 6, 2011.

Read the complete story here: Ball of light over Tybee Island moves ‘straight out to sea’.

Two rural Maine witnesses report observing two “other worldly” triangle-shaped UFOs that were 20-feet across as they moved 200 feet overhead.

They first observed two bright lights that “appeared to look like a jet headed for a landing in my driveway.”

“When I went outside, it changed direction towards my property which is in a rural area,” the reporting witness stated. “I then noticed there were two sets of lights. As it got closer I could see two triangular shaped vessels. They were very close to each other.”

As the objects moved overhead, they were able to look up into what appeared to be a “pyramid” construction.

“There were many white lights underneath. There were bright lights at each corner of the isosceles triangle. When looking up you could see inside the vessel. It appeared to be about 20 feet across. As you looked up into it, seemed to be constructed like a pyramid.”

Triangle UFO

The slow-moving object seemed to emit geometric patterns.

“Inside the lights you could see geometric patterns. Lights like search beams emanated from it. The light was very bright, but not blinding. At one point the light fixated on me for a few seconds and the vessel continued on like what seemed to be a walking speed.”

As the object moved away, the witness comments that it appeared to be “other worldly.”

“As I stared up at the vessel I knew it was other worldly. It came in from the east and then proceeded south southwest.”

No images or videos were included with the MUFON report. The incident occurred on May 7, 2011. No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the report.

Read the complete story here: ‘Other worldly’ UFO moves 200 feet over rural Maine.

Two Colorado witnesses report watching a diamond-shaped UFO with a geometric design on its underside that appeared to jump forward through “pockets of time” as it moved overhead.

They first noticed a “strange glowing orb” hovering in the distance, but moved outside when the object traveled “extremely fast” toward their location.

The silent craft seemed to slow down over their home.

“There was complete silence in the house and all we heard was the whooshing sound of the wind,” the reporting witness stated. “No plane or aircraft has ever sounded like this. There was complete silence, other than a very faint whoosh, as if the craft was slowing down over our house.”

Outside, the craft appeared to be diamond-shaped with red and white lights.

“The craft had two red lights to each side, and two white lights on the front and back, but from a distance the craft would blink between the red and the white lights. When the red lights were visible the white lights were not.”

But oddly, the object seemed to “jump” across the sky.

“It looked as though the craft was coming through pockets of time, disappearing and reappearing closer than before.”

Each time the object turned off its lights, it appeared as though a “star” were moving toward them.

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report. The incident occurred on May 8, 2011. No images or videos were included with the report.

Read the complete story here: Diamond UFO jumps through ‘pockets of time’.

A group of Pacific, MO, witnesses report watching what looked like aircraft “shooting at” a group of about 20 UFOs moving overhead at 11 p.m. on May 7, 2011.

They first noticed the UFOs.

“We saw them fly in straight lines and would turn unlike any aircraft I have ever seen,” the reporting witness stated. “They would be moving slow and then stop and then just dart. We also saw one fly right over our house, and when it got above us it glowed a bright white.”

They also noticed what appeared to be conventional aircraft.

“We also saw some kind of aircraft chasing a few of them and even what looked like the aircraft was shooting at it. I saw flashes from the plane in the direction of the UFO. This lasted maybe 30 seconds, then the plane flew off. You could see the difference between the UFOs and the planes. We saw many of aircraft fly around the area for quite some time during and after the event.”

Pacific is a city in both Franklin and St. Louis counties, population 5,482.

Read the complete story here: Missouri witnesses report aircraft ‘shooting at’ UFOs.

A Chaplin, KY, witness watched a triangle UFO move overhead “150 yards off the ground” with a “nuclear greenish, orange light” at each corner while a second triangle object followed two minutes later with a “glowing neon, blue-ish spinning orb” at its center.

The witness looked up expecting to see a jet.

“I heard what sounded like a Jet plane going over, much louder though but not out of this world loud,” the witness stated. “I walked out of the back porch to see what the plane looked like and I saw a triangle UFO I would say about 150 yards off the ground I would guess. It was extremely strange to me because I had never experienced any UFO activity before but I was not in a real tizzy because I thought it could be some sort of government black op plane because it wasn’t flying that fast but almost looked like it was kind of gliding through the air.”

The witness speculated that the object was searching for something.

“It had like a nuclear greenish, orange light in each corner of triangle. I thought it was funny but was not overly concerned because it did not do anything that was out of this world. It was probably only flying about 30 or 40 mph, maybe less, almost like it was looking for something.”

Then a second UFO appeared.

Read the complete story here: Two Kentucky triangle UFOs reported flying under 500 feet.

The witness provided this image as reference art to the May 9, 2011, sighting. Credit: MUFON database.

A Cheviot, OH, witness reports a silent, slow-moving, football-shaped UFO the “size of a car” passed overhead “about 150 feet above the house” just as it was getting dark on May 9, 2011, while a second, similar-shaped UFO appeared nearby.

The witness first noticed “piercing white and red lights shining brightly through the small windows at the top” of the front door. Looking out the door window, the witness “saw white and red lights all in a row and on a slant passing above the house.” She then ran through the home and looked out a back window.

“It looked like it was moving really slowly, but it probably looked slower than it really was, from its altitude I might guess it was moving 40 mph, but I really can’t say for sure,” the witness stated. “I do know I had time to run from the front to the back of a small house (2 rooms) and had to wait about 30 seconds for it to appear above the house in the back. I called my cousin downstairs and she saw it too.”

The witness described the object.

“It was a football-like shaped UFO about the size of a car with a very thin lip around the edge that had the lights on it. There were one or two bright, white lights on each end and a bright red light in the middle. The white lights on the ends were thinner but longer, which is why I think there may have been two together on the ends. The red light in the middle was much larger, shorter but fatter, like doubled up. I couldn’t tell what color the object was, but I didn’t see any kind of shiny surface reflecting light.”

As the object moved silently and low over the witnesses’ home, a second object appeared.

Read the complete story here: Two UFOs ‘size of a car’ low over Cheviot, Ohio.

Reports of UFOs from California continue to lead the nation in numbers, including 46 last month, while four new reports were filed May 11, 2011, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

A witness reports a V-shaped formation flying overhead on May 10, 2011, in MUFON Case # 29053.

“At first I thought it was birds but quickly realized it was a craft,” the witness stated. “It at first looked black with lights in the V-shape on its underside. It was completely silent and flying really low, seemed well below the clouds. It was heading east from the coast – as it was right above and over to the left. I couldn’t tell if there was a craft under it because the lights seemed to distort. As it flew over the garage it was out of the line of sight.”

Two 80-something witnesses sitting in a hot tub who say they don’t scare easily were in fear after watching a craft with “bright blue and red lights” hover silently near their home in MUFON Case # 29058.

“It came in toward our neighborhood, near the house, hovered silently, circled around silently and then dropped straight down at a very fast rate of speed,” the reporting witness stated. “It then went away from our neighborhood toward the open space behind our house, where we lost sight of it over the neighbor houses.”

The event occurred on May 7, 2011.

A witness in Ridgecrest simply mentions a “pulsing” UFO and offers a video clip of the object in MUFON Case # 29055. Watch the video. The event occurred on May 7, 2011.

Another witness stepped outside for a cigarette and noticed light reflecting on the ground in MUFON Case # 29051.

“Anyway I look up to see what the lights were,” the witness stated. “I see up in the sky two oval-shaped, amber colored lights that were pulsing. In the middle was a small round light. It was orange. The orange light was not pulsing. It stayed bright orange the whole time. It was moving real slow. I watched this thing for about 5 seconds, then it was like someone turned off a light switch and it was gone.” The incident occurred on April 1, 2011.

Read the complete story here: California UFO reports lead nation in numbers.


The frequency of multiple UFOs in the sky at one time seems to be on the rise as new reports come into the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database – including May 11, 2011, testimony from a Georgia witness.

Typically the witness observes a single UFO, but then notices that more objects have moved into the same area.

The witness stepped outside onto a porch facing northeast at 10 p.m.

“And in the sky appeared a light probably half the size of a full moon in the shape of a circle,” the witness stated. “It was a whitish yellowish mix in color. To the left of it appeared another one exactly the same and also another to the right also exactly the same.”

The middle object then “split into two separate balls” followed by the object on the left splitting and then the object on the right splitting.

The witness ran inside to call a friend, but soon returned to the porch area. Then with a second witness watching, a fourth object appeared in the same area, although it did not split into two as the other three did.

The witness also reports unusual noises in the area throughout the evening.

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the report. The incident occurred on May 9, 2011.

Other recent stories with multiple UFOs include:

Two UFOs ‘size of a car’ low over Cheviot, Ohio

Two Kentucky triangle UFOs reported flying under 500 feet

Missouri witnesses report aircraft ‘shooting at’ UFOs

UFOs disappear and appear in ‘ghost-like mass’

Light over California splits into three lights as witnesses observe

Two disc UFOs appear near ground level at Wisconsin home

Series of orange lights spotted over Charlotte, North

Ball of light reported near ‘saucer-shaped’ UFO over Pennsylvania

Michigan witness ‘terrified’ during two UFO encounters

Witnesses in two states report unidentified lights flying in formation

California witness reports ‘brilliant lights appeared out of nowhere’

Two White Oak, TX, witnesses watched two “very bright, white” lights that became dim and bright as they moved around the sky on May 11, 2011

“The brightness of these objects would fluctuate no matter the distance., i.e. instead of fading as they danced further away, they would almost pulse, get brighter going further away, more dim getting closer, then switch – get very bright up close and dim far away,” the reporting witness stated.

The witness also states that a cell phone lost its signal only during the event. Once the lights moved away, the signal returned.

“Strangest thing of all was my loss of cell phone signal and the phone itself wouldn’t function for me to allocate my camera setting. When it finally worked, the lights were gone and I had nothing but my fiancee to support this claim.”

White Oak is a city in Gregg County, TX, population 5,624.

Read the complete story here: Cell phone shuts down as UFOs move over White Oak, Texas.

A group of Ashburn, VA, witnesses watched and videotaped an “arc of light” that hovered and then “broke into two separate, small bundled formations with a bright light separating the two.

The reporting witness noticed people in his work parking lot already watching the lights.

“I looked and was amazed to see an arch of lights in the sky, obviously flying crafts of some kind,” the reporting witness stated. “I first thought they were planes, being that Dulles Airport is about 8 miles away. I asked if anyone had a video camera or phone, as mine was out of batteries. There were two short videos shot, one of them is attached, the other I am waiting to get from someone else that was there.”

Ashburn, VA eye witness video

The video can be played on linked page below - or from this MUFON link.

The object then broke up into two sections

Read the complete story here: ‘Arc of light’ videotaped over Ashburn, Virginia, breaks into two formations.

Four Colorado witnesses near Bayfield report that a diamond-shaped object under 500 feet moved over their Pine Creek campsite.

This is the second report of a diamond-shaped object from Colorado in a two-day period.

“The craft appeared in the gap between two peaks, which is slightly west of true north,” the reporting witness stated. “It caught my eye because it was so excessively bright and because a member of our party yelled out to get our attention.”

The object at first looked like a single light.

“Initially, it looked like a single, white light – an excessively bright light, in fact. It’s hard to explain, but it was really, really bright – way brighter than any other plane or star. However, as it drew closer the white light seemed to separate into three smaller white lights in a perfect line with a red light hovering above it. Presumably, this was the top of the craft as it seemed to be descending.”

The object then moved directly overhead.

The witness submitted one illustration, and as he admits, two poor photographs. Illustration # 1Photo # 1, and Photo # 2. The event occurred on May 8, 2011. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Bayfield is a town in La Plata County, population 1,549.

We previously reported that two witnesses watched a diamond-shaped object in Colorado on May 8, 2011: Diamond UFO jumps through ‘pockets of time’. Two Colorado witnesses report watching a diamond-shaped UFO with a geometric design on its underside that appeared to jump forward through “pockets of time” as it moved overhead. No town name was mentioned in the public portion of that MUFON report.

Read the complete story here: Diamond UFO 500 feet over Bayfield, Colorado.

And finally, an Iowa witness reports an orange light overhead while walking home in the dark on May 10, 2011, with flashing white, green and blue lights – and “white light flashing at the tip making out a cone shape.”

The panicked witness ran home, but then looked again for the object.

“Next to the flying object was another flashing light that was very still, but it had a very dim and thin ring around it,” the witness stated.

The witness went inside to get a camera working, but returning outside the objects were gone.

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report, which was filed on May 11, 2011. No images or videos were included with the report.

Previous Iowa UFO stories include:

Triangle UFO under 300 feet over Iowa interstate

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UFO mystery centers around Iowa pond

Keep watching the skies. And if you see a UFO, please report it to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) at mufon.com. I’ll be back next week with more reports from across the country.


Roger Marsh is a UFO and paranormal writer, author, playwright and independent filmmaker. He is director of communications for both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and Pennsylvania MUFON. As Tremont Avenue Productions he produces stories of passion, resource and mystery. He produces stories daily as the National UFO Examiner and theNational Paranormal News Examiner. Contact him at tremontavenue@gmail.com.


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