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School Is Now In Session.

In 2001, Ryan Buell founded the Paranormal Research Society, originally based out of Penn State University.  Buell, who wanted to create a society equipped with top notch investigators, realized that proper training was required to turn regular college students in to 1st rate paranormal investigators.  Ten years later, PRS is one of the most recognized and celebrated paranormal societies in the country.  For years, fellow paranormal enthusiasts, investigators and even some fans have asked to have access to the PRS method of training.  Here at PRS, we realize that paranormal education is hard to come by.  For ten years, PRS has amassed a wealth of information, evidence and wisdom when it comes to investigating the unexplained, and the time has come to raise the bar and continue PRS’ mission of sharing innovative ideas.

Starting this July, PRS will begin offering webinars.  Most webinars will charge a minor fee.  Some will be free of charge.  Other long-term webinars will have a slightly higher cost but will come with a full package such as multiple lectures, reading materials and even a community site where students will get to interact with other students as well as the instructor.

How It Will Work.

Students/attendees will be given a unique passcode once they register that gives them access to their “seat,” as well as registration to the course site where they will find all course materials.  For those who can’t watch live, they will be able to download the webinar as well as the lecture powerpoint and notes.

For attendance for live webinars, students/attendees will be able to interact with the instructor, ask questions, watch the video feed and see the presentation at the same time.  Students will be able to raise a virtual hand, asking questions in the classroom, as well as interact, post thoughts for the instructor to address, chat with other fellow students and more!  The experience will be like attending a real class, only from the comfort of your own home.

Your Purchase In To A Webinar Helps Fund PRS and Its Private Case Work.

As many of you know, PRS does not charge clients for investigations.  How PRS funds itself is through programs such as these, where you not only get an amazing experience, but the money raised helps fund projects such as private research and case investigations.



PRS 362: INTRO TO CREATIVE PARANORMAL WRITING (June 25 – August 15th, 2012)

PRS Director and author Ryan Buell will take students on a journey of self-discovery through the art of writing.  This special-interest workshop is for the aspiring writer or someone who has a love for stories.  This course will place an emphasis on paranormal themes.  Students will learn about the creative writing process as well as obtain hands-on experience through group workshops, where students will write three short stories for peer review.  Students will also read, “The Exorcist” throughout the course with Buell, as well as short stories including select works from Edgar Allan Poe.   From a literary standpoint, students will understand how the paranormal, based on both real and fictitious events, influence our state of mind.  Students will observe how author William Peter Blatty took a real-life case about possession and sculpted it into “The Exorcist,” which, even 40 years later, is still widely celebrated as one of the defining “horror” stories of the 20th century.

Class Times: See Page.

Cost: $150.00 per person (includes everything listed above) (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & ENROLL)

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