PRS Anniversary FAQ


Is there a cost involved?

Tickets are $100 per person for the 2 day event. One ticket buys you access to all of the events as long as you are of legal age to attend establishments serving alcohol. There will be no special accommodations made for under aged attendees.


I’m part of a paranormal group, can I get a discount

Yes, you can for groups of 4 or more. You can get a %15 discount by emailing with a subject line, “Group Rate” for further details.


Is the dinner free?

Yes, the dinner is included in the ticket price. People under 21 years and younger can still come to the dinner, however, these individuals will NOT be allowed to order alcohol. Anyone providing alcohol to minors will be subject to legal reprimand.


When does the event start?

We will be posting a schedule for the PRS 10th Anniversary Celebration on our website at Please check this page for regular updates.


Is there an age limit?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age OR if under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian AND agree to the following terms:


A. Parent or legal guardian must notify PRS that he or she intends to accompany a minor on the field trip within 24 hours of the ticket purchase; AND

B. Parent or legal guardian must provide a valid, government-issued identification (i.e., driver’s license, passport, etc.) at the time of the field trip, which PRS, at its sole discretion, may copy; AND

C. Parent or legal guardian must sign an acknowledgment providing that he or she is granting permission for the minor to participate in the field trip activities; AND

D. Parent or legal guardian must sign the Anticipatory Waiver of and Release from Liability document on the minor’s behalf.


Will this event be at the PRS Headquarters?

Due to size limitations and building codes we will not be able to fit everyone into our offices. We will post meeting places and dates on our website as soon as possible. You can check regularly for updates yourself by visiting


Where is the event being held?

The majority of the event will be held at the Indigo Night Club located at 112 W College Ave, State College, PA 16801. Other aspects of the event will be held around the Penn State University campus. You will be mailed and/or e-mailed a copy of the itinerary at least 48-hours prior to the event.


Who will be at the event?

Various PRS members and Alumni plan to be in attendance, however, based on time schedules and the unpredictability of emergency situations, PRS makes no assurances of which members or Alumni will be represented at the celebration.




Is there a hotel available?

Hotel’s are available all over the State College, Bellefonte, Boalsburg and Centre Hall area. The furthest out is only 20 minutes away from the downtown area so finding lodging to suit your budget is at your disclosure. The event backs the Graduation Weekend so please book as soon as possible.


I’m driving. Where can I park?

There is street and surface parking on both College Ave and Beaver Ave in downtown State College. There are also a number of garages on the side streets that offer parking at a low rate given the visitation to the University. If booking a hotel in the State College area, you may be able to walk to the event while making use of hotel parking. Please keep in mind, parking in State College in other stores parking lot without being a customer or for an overly extended amount of time may result in a fine or your vehicle being towed.


Is there any public transportation to this event?

The CATA Bus System is the main public transit available in State College. You can look up their scheduling information from your booked hotel on their website, including closest stops and route services. You can also use one of the cab services in State College such as:,, or


Can I get a ride with someone?

There are several attendees coming to this event. If you need to coordinate a ride with someone, please visit the PRS Facebook Page,, look under the events Tab and place your looking for a ride information under the PRS 10th Anniversary Celebration event.


I’m coming in from out of town, where is the closest airport?

State College has it’s own airport just outside of town. You can find more information on the airport at Alternatively, Philadelphia and Pittsburg both have airports located about 3 ½ hours from State College. You can rent a car at any of these airports for transport purposes if a form of public transportation or a ride is not available to you.


I have pets, are they allowed to come?

You will have to check with the hotel you book with on whether or not it is pet friendly. The majority of this event will be held indoors at a night club which can not accommodate your fuzzy loved ones. Unfortunately for PRS, we will not be able to bring Xander either. There are several nice parks in the State College area, though, if you still feel the need to bring your companion.




What is your Refund Policy?

All tickets are non-refundable except as provided below.


A refund will be issued if PRS, in its sole discretion, cancels the field trip due to unforeseen circumstances. PRS is not responsible for any further expenses, losses, or liability incurred by the participant due to cancellation of the field trip.


A credit towards a future PRS event in the amount of the ticket value will be issued if the field trip is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances OR on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of PRS if the participant is unable to attend a field trip due to an unforeseen illness or family emergency. Under any of the above circumstances, PRS shall issue a voucher which can be redeemed as credit towards a future PRS event. PRS reserves the right to cancel this policy at any time without advance notice. PRS is not responsible for any further expenses, losses, or liability incurred by the participant due to postponement of the field trip or the participant’s inability to attend the field trip.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?


Tickets are only transferable to another participant if the following conditions are met:

1. The original ticket purchaser notifies PRS within 24 hours of the transfer of the name and contact information of the transferee; AND

2. PRS, in its sole discretion, approves the transferee to participate in writing; AND

3. The transferee signs the Anticipatory Waiver of and Release from Liability document; AND

4. The transferee accepts the within terms.


Failure to follow the above conditions relating to transferability renders the ticket voidable.




Please send all other relevant questions to These e-mails should be dealing with the PRS 10th Anniversary Celebration ONLY. This e-mail is NOT to be used for sending us your case. Please send your case submissions to along with any paranormal questions or personal accounts.

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