PRS Field Trips

Join PRS as we travel to renowned paranormal locations around the United States. Field trips offer the chance to enjoy lectures, workshops, guest speakers, tours, and other area-specific activities.

The goal of field trips is to create a way for people who are interested in the paranormal to find one another. The friendships formed during these events carry on long after the trips themselves have ended. Locations have included places investigated by the team on Paranormal State like Gettysburg, as well as places where a rich culture can breed the unknown like New Orleans.

You will be given the opportunity to participate in ghost hunts in haunted locations reflecting the local color and lore of the field trip host city. Investigations have been tailored to fit various levels of expertise. For the unexperienced, get a taste as a PRS member shares the protocol for talking with dead. An advanced ghost hunt is available for those in paranormal groups and frequent field trip attendees. At certain events an auction ghost hunt is made available, with proceeds helping to fund the expansion of PRS research.

Each event is made up of many workshops that cover a range of topics. Guest investigators from Paranormal State like Lorraine Warren, Michelle Belanger, Chad Calek and Chip Coffey have joined PRS and the trippers to share their knowledge, as well as many locals, authors, and experts. Lectures are often centered around a specific theme related to the location of the field trip.

You may choose to spend some extra quality time with PRS through the Extended Experience option allowing you and your fellow EE ticket holders to engage in small-group talks and activities with the PRS members.

Past events have include other activities, such as personal fireside chats, scavenger hunts, masquerades, and haunted tours.

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The Paranormal Research Society is thrilled to announce that our final
Field Trip will be held in Savannah, GA.

Join us May 10th-12, 2013! Stay tuned for details!


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