PRS to investigate haunted cabin in upstate South Carolina!

February 9th, 2021

PRS kicks off 2021 with a private research event held in upstate South Carolina. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, PRS is only hosting small, private investigations. Every person is encouraged to socially distance and quarantine prior and after the investigation event. The number of people participating cannot exceed ten.

PRS is choosing remote locations where interactions with the outside world is minimal. This investigation will take place in the “mountainous” area of South Carolina on a private property.

The purpose of the retreat (aside from trying to capture paranormal happenings) is to introduce older techniques to a new generation of investigators. The team will sleep in two separate cabins, allowing for the main cabin to be dedicated solely to research. The first night will involve spirit communication. The team will dedicate a space for a séance and will spend a few hours attempting EVP recordings. Teams will rotate every few hours in order to allow only for a couple people in the cabin at a time. The second night will focus on historical research and surveillance. The final night will involve less equipment, allowing teams to focus primarily on their senses.

“Nowadays, investigators are focused so much on tech that they often forget to try and connect with the location,” said Ryan Buell, Director of PRS and leader of the expedition. “So, we’re going to encourage teams to just roam the property and keep their eyes and ears open.”

PRS plans to share portions of the investigation with the public. PRS will publish a live blog on the website and offer live video broadcasts throughout the weekend.

Stay tuned for more details!