The PRS Bureau: The Next Generation – Introduction

In 2012, PRS launched a bold new adventure called THE PRS BUREAU. We opened up membership for 200 members to help us create something special.  As we all know, PRS was rocked with tragedy by Ryan’s illness.  Yet The PRS Bureau endured.  Last year, we opened the doors for 200 members to be a part of this experience. Imagine our surprise when we filled up in under 17 hours. And now here we are. We have made room for 100 more. This is in order for us to raise funds to create a brand-new PRS.  A new PRS that will pave the way for future investigations and a whole-new experience!

100 more people who wish to join us in being architects for the future.

100 more people who have long-been ready for that next step.

100 more people who want to help start a movement.

100 more people who can help build a legacy.

100 more people who wish to be there with us at the beginning of our voyage.


The Bureau is our first-ever multi-media social network platform. With that being said, here are some things this project IS NOT:

  • it is NOT just another Facebook
  • it is NOT a fan club
  • it is NOT an online game
  • it is NOT a gimmick

In short, we’re building a virtual ship. But it doesn’t stop there. Everything about PRS is changing. Everything. Over the past two years, we have lost our momentum, drive and motivation. Like many of you, we’ve been looking for that next step. We’ve sought an outlet to challenge us. This is it.

Join PRS. The Bureau will encompass all the goals of PRS. People will be able to become members, or agents, of this movement. You will have the choice of joining one of the four PRS departments. You will have the opportunity to help us sort through and investigate the thousands of cases we’ve become overwhelmed with. From decoding occult symbols, looking for clues in witness testimonies to pouring over surveillance, you will be a part of nearly every aspect of the investigation.

Multi-Media Platform. We will be launching our very own online TV channel, PRS’ very own online channel. We will be posting exclusive content from the vaults of PRS. As you can imagine, with over ten years of history, that also amounts to quite a lot of data and footage! PiTV will also serve as a communication vehicle, offering video chats with both PRS and guest experts and more. And, down the road, PRS will begin broadcasting LIVE content. Imagine being able to watch the forthcoming Pittsburgh lecture (where PRS finally talks about their first demonic case) LIVE from your own computer. Or watch our investigations LIVE. On top of that, towards the end of the year, PiTV will begin launching original web-documentaries. In other words, original content. It’s all coming.  In 2013, we already launched our first live investigation on the Bureau TV channel.  Members were able to watch a live investigation from the comfort of their own home, view surveillance as well as watch us as we investigated The Brookstown Inn. You will be able to watch all these live investigations from the comfort of your own home via your computer!

A Brand-New PRS TV Series. We are in the process of announcing, among other things, a brand-new TV series that will chronicle the real-life investigations of PRS.  This will launch in October 2013.  You will be able to watch the series live via the PRS BUREAU TV channel online!

Educational Platform. Our webinars will be slowly moving over to be a part of The Bureau. In other words, members of this project will have the opportunity to enroll in online classes taught by members of PRS. There will be single lectures offered as well as courses, which involve several lectures. You can take these classes anywhere in the world. And if you miss a class, you can catch up by watching a recording. PRS is also launching several other unique projects, such as a Book Club. Expand your mind by reading some of the most thought-provoking books and then having a conversation with the author! Many other “groups” will be offered throughout the year as we continue to expand.  Starting now, all Bureau members will be able to attend ALL Paranormal University online webinars for free.  Meaning, if you’re a PRS Bureau member, you don’t have to pay to enroll in an online course.  It’s already included!

As a member of THE PRS BUREAU, you will have access to certain clubs and groups, such as THE BOOK CLUB, where authors come on board to discuss their books with Bureau members.

Research & News. Offering up its own journal/news site has long been one of the dreams of PRS Director Ryan Buell. Although the process is slow, the ultimate goal is that by the 3rd quarter of 2013, PRS will launch its very first magazine/journal. Available to all members for free, and for a fee to non-members. PRS will also rely on its members to report news, sightings and experiences from all over the world.

At Long Last, You Will Finally Be Home. Above everything else, whether you’re just a paranormal enthusiast, a budding investigator or a seasoned expert, this new project will be your new home. You will be able to communicate across the entire platform through boards, instant messaging, chat rooms or by leaving messages on your friends’ personal pages. You will be able to post your own evidence for peer review, videos, pictures and more!

Much, Much More. We haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, at this stage, we’re keeping mum on much of the details. We’d rather “show” than “tell.” And for us, it pains us that we’ve had to release so many details, although in the grand scheme of things the details probably only give away 10% of what we’re doing.

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