PRS is commited to public & community service. All PRS investigators, including the cast of “Paranormal State” make themselves available for various charitable causes.

Charity & Fundraisers. PRS and the cast of “Paranormal State” will consider helping organizations with their goals of raising money for a charitable cause. The cast may also consider donating signed memorabilia and/or rare items in order to help raise money. PRS will also consider appearances to raise money.

Although PRS will consider all charitable events, PRS likes to work with organizations or events that focus on children, low-income families and educational advancement. Examples include Make a Wish, Red Cross and Barnes & Noble’s Book Drive.

Non-Profit. PRS will also consider making appearances or holding fundraisers for non-profit organizations that make a positive difference within their community. Public libraries, private schools, and research organizations are all good examples.




Lecture Appearances. Please visit the lectures & appearances section.

Paranormal Research Groups & Departments. If you are officially conducting research through the university as either a student club or on the academic/professional level, PRS would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at . Likewise, if you are a college professor or researcher conducting individual research, we’d also like to hear from you.

K12 and Undergraduate Student Classroom Projects. Over the past six years, PRS has tried to make itself as available as possible for student projects. Unfortunately, not all of the students were very serious about the work they had to do, which resulted in plaigarism, false statements and other unprofessional acts. Therefore, PRS will only consider assisting students with classroom projects who can supply the contact information for their instructor/adviser. The instructor/adviser must be recognized through the school/university. The project must also be for class credit. If you are under 18, parental consent may also be required. Please e-mail us at to request assistance. PRS also requires final copy of the assignment for its review.

Field Trips. PRS is happy to announce that it plays host for school-sponsored field trips. Teachers can expect to plan a day here at University Park where they can tour the campus, have ice cream at the world-famous Creamery, take a “class” in the paranormal taught by members of PRS, and visit some of the local haunted buildings. For more information, please e-mail

Graduate Research & Projects. If you are a graduate student (Master’s or Ph. D candidate) conducting research and would like PRS’ assistance, we will need to verify your enrollment status as a graduate candidate through your department or adviser. We are more than happy to try and assist you in any way, time permitting. Please e-mail us at

Penn State Students. We have always tried to give priority to the Penn State community. However, we will still require students to submit proof that this is a for-credit assignment, as well as instructor contact information. Please keep in mind that PRS will not allow students to participate or document investigations at this time.



Can I go on an investigation for my student project? Unless you are a Master’s or Ph. D candidate, the likelihood is very slim. Please do not expect or anticipate going on investigations.

Can I obtain footage of your investigations? Odds are likely that we will decline this request.

I am interested in forming a paranormal research society at my college. Can PRS help? We have received dozens of e-mails about this subject and we are more than willing to help, time permitting. However, please contact us only if you are serious with the inquiry.

Why do you ask for a copy of the assignment that we complete? You must understand that you are using information about us and even if it will only be viewed by your class, we would like to know how it is used. We are not required to assist students with their assignments, but we choose to because we want to help. We also want to make sure that the information is used correctly.



To date, Ryan Buell and other stars for the hit A&E show, “Paranormal State” have appeared on “Sean Hannity” (FOX NEWS), PEOPLE MAGAZINE, “The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet” (FOX), THE NY POST, “Red Eye,” (FOX NEWS), “Maury” (CW) and more to discuss not only the show, but also various paranormal topics.

To request an appearance or media request please visit the Interview/Media Request Page



Can press attend investigations? PRS and A&E will consider the request, but no guarantees are made.

Does PRS do interviews for paranormal media? Of course. Please contact the PRS Media Director for more information. Please be as specific as possible.

What is PRS’ availability? It varies. If you are requesting the availability for Ryan Buell or any other of the “Paranormal State” stars, please keep in mind that they have a busy schedule. We have received requests to do live interviews over the weekends. This is difficult because the weekends are usually booked. We prefer to do interviews over the weekday.


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