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Does My House Have a Vortex?

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In the paranormal, a vortex is often described as a space where spirits travel freely between our world (or plane) and the other side, but the spirit has no real connection to the vortex’s location.   Many use this to explain why a haunting continues to occur after a house has been cleansed.  It’s also used as an explanation for hauntings that continue but have changed or been altered from the original reports.

Many New Ager’s believe vortices (plural for vortex) have a connection with ley lines (invisible paths of energy that criss-cross on earth, where the intersecting lines signal where energy is at its strongest).  Similar to a water vortex, it can pull in everything around it.  Some believe a vortex of energy can either spiral out or spiral in, and can be either positive or negative energy.

Many people believe that sacred areas or even places where nothing lives/grows are natural signs of a vortex.

In modern days, many investigators and paranormal enthusiasts identify a white rod or streak in a photograph as proof of a vortex.  What’s unfortunate is that there may be some truth to vortices, but rods and streaks in photographs are anything but orbs.  Instead, they are dust, light flares, and sometimes even a camera strap.  Some remain convinced in their beliefs that it is paranormal even when investigators point out natural explanations.

We here in PRS believe in the possibility of psychic photography, yet we as an organization have yet to see any pictures of a “vortex” that couldn’t be explained away as dust, light flares, camera straps, a strand of hair, etc.

That being said, PRS’ skepticism in vortices are focused primarily on the “photographic evidence.”  In theory, the possibility of an energetic concentration that could cause paranormal phenomenon has been reported for centuries.

Whether you want to call it a vortex, curse, portal, etc., most hauntings with a vortex have similarities.  One strong example is a haunting that continued regardless of whoever is living in the house/apartment.  For example, if you move in to a house that has been haunted for as long as people can remember, spanning several owners, then it seems less likely that the phenomenon is location-based, rather than being attached to just one person.

The question on how to get rid of a vortex is widely debated, since there is little evidence (even by paranormal investigator standards) to begin with.  Many agree that a vortex energy can be dispersed or redirected.  The solution on how to do that varies, depending on who you talk to, what their beliefs are, etc.

Caution: If a psychic or investigator claims you have a portal and offers to cleanse it in return for financial payment, kindly decline and find another specialist/team.  Right now it’s widely practiced in the paranormal community to not charge for services.  Until the paranormal community becomes more organized and “regulating,” payment for paranormal investigators is frowned upon, especially if you’ve never heard of the team.

Also note that some also believe that there is no way to close a vortex, or that it takes a very long time to close one.


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Does My House Have a Vortex?

Download the Brochure

In the paranormal, a vortex is often described as a space w


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