Director's Blog: What To Expect & Taking Your Questions

Hey everyone.  With the birth of this new website, I’m really excited to start interacting with our fellow paranormal investigators, enthusiasts and fans.  This section is meant for a couple things.  1) For me to post reports, plans and updates on PRS and the community.  2) For specific news pertaining to and involving yours truly (but only relevant news involving my involvement within the paranormal field).  3) For me to post topical blogs for other paranormal leaders, investigators and enthusiasts.  What this blog will not be about are endless posts about my TV work (unless I feel there is something relevant to discuss) or fanclub posts.

On occasion I will write about some really exciting developments within PRS or posting a report on the overall state of PRS.

With that being said, I am also excited to start taking your questions. For this section, I will only be posting questions that pertain to paranormal research and PRS.
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