The Next Generation – How You Can Help


Because we want to be challenged.

We want to see change.

We want to help others grow.

We want to make ourselves more accessible to those who have waited patiently.

Because this will allow us to return to being a FULL-TIME research society.

Because we believe in this.

By signing up to become a donor, you'll receive an honorary wristband, as pictured above. If you donate more, you'll receive a t-shirt, hoodie, poster, phone call and more, depending on the level you donate!



Within the next several weeks, this project will be unveiled to all and anyone will be able to sign up. In order to keep this platform within OUR control, however, we will be doing what every professional society does: charging a membership fee.

As many of you know, there is very little money in paranormal research. We thought we’d reach out to our supporters to help us raise upfront funding for this project, which will go to certain things, such as: hiring necessary staff (editors, designers, etc.), paying for and obtaining the necessary software/servers, purchasing additional equipment that we need to expand what we’ve already started/completed. We have most of the tools, but we’d like to get a few more to make this extra special. So we’re looking for “Donors,” people who will pay at least a 1-year membership upfront and watch us build in real-time, literally.

When membership launches to the general public, it will be broken in to three categories: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. As of right now, a 1-year membership will cost around $150.00, which equates to $12.50 a month.

So, again, before we open up membership to everyone, we’re looking for 100 more donors. 100 people who are willing to at least pay for a 1-year membership upfront. You will receive immediate access within 48 hours upon signing up.  Most will receive access within the day they sign up. You will also enjoy a 1-year membership, your name/nickname on our permanent virtual donors wall and more! There are other perks, however, depending on which level you are able to help us with. We’ve divided the donor opportunity in to three categories:

Starting in May 2013, THE PRS BUREAU will begin opening up its cases. You will be able to review them, including footage, in order to help us solve cases, offer critiques and much more!


  1. BRONZE DONOR – $150.00.
    1. Early Access To The Bureau. By this weekend, you will have the opportunity to join THE PRS BUREAU. You will be able to give feedback, help give us constructive criticism and, of course, you’ll get to join THE PRS BUREAU before it opens to the public.
    2. Special Donor “Stamp.” Every member, whether they only wish to utilize one aspect of the portal or all, will have a profile and login information. You will be given a unique profile “stamp” that will forever let people know that you are a donor.
    3. 1-Year Membership. Technically, membership for a year will start at roughly $150.00, so you not only get the membership for around the same price as anyone else will, but you also get amazing perks.
    4. ‘Donor Appreciation Events.’ From time to time, we will offer donor-only appreciate events, both virtually and during physical events.
    5. Name on our Virtual Donors Wall. This wall will forever have a place on our platform. If you don’t wish to use your real name, you can dedicate it to someone or use a nickname.
    6. Donor Bracelet. You’ll be given a specialized bracelet (fashionable for both men and women) that will have the project’s name on it, as well as “donor.” Trust us, it’ll be a cool bracelet.


  1. SILVER DONOR – $300.00.
    1. All the same perks as Bronze, including these additions:
    2. Personalized ‘thank-you’ card from the crew.
    3. Free Donor T-Shirt. It will have the Bureau’s logo, as well as “Donor” placed on it. This shirt will be available only to donors.
    4. Free “The Bureau” Mug. Trust me, it’ll be a cool mug. :)
  1. GOLD DONOR – $500.00.
    1. All the same perks as bronze and silver, including these additions:
    2. Personal phone call from Sergey, Eilfie, Ryan and the PRS crew to thank you for your donation.
    3. Personalized & signed “project name” poster by the entire crew.
    4. Donor “The Bureau” hoodie.
  2. LEGACY DONOR – $1000.00.
    1. All the same perks as bronze, silver, and gold, including the following additions:
    2. You will receive a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to The Bureau.
    3. We will name a part of The Bureau after you in your honor. For example, universities will name buildings, theaters, lecture halls, etc. after generous donors. For The Bureau, we plan to name certain sections, such as the message boards, chat rooms, webinar rooms, or Bureau-sponsored group headquarters, and even group pages or projects after members.
    4. You will have an opportunity to decide where you would like your name to be placed. It also doesn’t have to be your name; you can dedicate it to someone else, such as a deceased loved one or someone you admire.
    5. After your donation, we will send you an agreement acknowledging your larger-sum donation, as well as the agreed-upon section to be named in your honor, which will last for the entire duration of the Bureau’s existence.

If you are a silver, gold or legacy member, you will receive a t-shirt, such as the one pictured here.


Donor Membership is open to only 100 people. We will keep the Donor Membership Door open for a few days or until we run out of membership spots.

If you aren’t able to afford becoming a donor, don’t worry. Eventually, you’ll be given an opportunity to join and you’ll be given full details beforehand. This campaign is to help us raise the final funds we need for this project so when it launches, you’ll enter a ship that has already been on a test-run.

For those of you who are willing to sign-up at the beginning, then you’ll find registration details below! Thank you for helping us launch this massively ambitious project, and you’ll be put in to communication with our “senior agents” very soon.

One of our original donor members holding her PRS Bureau shirt and mug, proudly sporting that she is a PRS BUREAU donor!


1) Donors will have to sign our Terms of Use/Service upon joining the platform.

2) Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of bracelet, shirt, mug, posters and/or hoodies.

3) Those who receive thank-you phone calls: phone calls will be given by May 10th, 2013. You will receive an e-mail detailing how this will be arranged.

4) Registration in to THE PRS BUREAU will begin within 48-hours (at the latest) upon signing up.

4) Dates are subject to change.



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