• PRS investigates the Town Theatre in downtown Columbia, SC.

Hello world!

We’re back! Welcome to PRS’ official website. It’s been a long time coming. For our longtime supporters, you may have noticed that our website looks just like it did in 2012-2015. So, why’d we keep it the same? Mostly for sentimental reasons. And to maintain some semblance of continuity. PRS went down for five years. […]

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An Introduction to Potter from PRS

Hi everyone.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Potter.  I wasn’t always called by that name, but it’s the name I’m called in the paranormal community, well specifically when I became a part of PRS.  As Doctor …

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PRS to investigate haunted cabin in upstate South Carolina!

PRS kicks off 2021 with a private research event held in upstate South Carolina. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, PRS is only hosting small, private investigations. Every person is encouraged to socially distance and quarantine prior and after the …

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PRS investigates Town Theatre in downtown Columbia, SC

Covid-19 has disrupted life across the globe, even for paranormal investigators. On any given month throughout the year, famously haunted locations that rent their facilities enjoy sold-out weekends. Many paranormal organizations that host events have had to adapt. PRS originally …

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Paranormal Insider

Family believes Christmas present unleashed paranormal activity into their home

BRANDON, Miss: It sounded like someone was knocking on the walls.

That’s how Whitney Merritt describes the beginning of the nearly three weeks of alleged paranormal activity her family endured after receiving a Christmas present last month.

The present was

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Bright blue UFO seen crashing into ocean near Hawaii

An unidentified flying object spotted in Hawaii caught enough people’s attention to get the Federal Aviation Administration involved.

FAA agents confirm they did receive reports about the UFO from police, who were getting several 911 calls about it.

The callers …

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Group looking for haunted house in South Carolina find dead body

Authorities say the abandoned South Carolina home where a group of people found a body stuffed in a deep freezer has burned down two days after the gruesome discovery.

Orangeburg County firefighters say the early Tuesday blaze at the home

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