Since 2001, PRS has investigated hundreds of claims of paranormal activity across the United States. Many of these claims come from people who are personally experiencing a haunting. PRS has assisted the Church in exorcism cases, law enforcement, claims of UFO and monster sightings as well.

Many of you visiting our website may be familiar with PRS due to the show, “Paranormal State,” which aired on A&E. We wish to advise you that at this time, we do not have the budget or resources like we once had to investigate numerous cases every year. On top of that, we’re also in the midst of a pandemic (Covid-19).

That said, we are still accepting case submissions. PRS hopes to assist with some cases this year.

PRS chooses their cases after determining the needs of the clients and after evaluating how effective PRS can execute a case. Although we are accepting all cases for consideration, submissions based in the southeast region of the United States may have a great chance due to the closer proximity to PRS.


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